Hi, My name is Brenda Waworga, i'm from a small town name Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Im a photographer that specialized onto portrait, fashion and beauty photography, living in a small town surrounded by nature i mostly photographed my models outdoor using natural light.

I found interest about photography at the end of the year 2009 because i want to travel abroad and i was thinking i need a “good” camera so i can capture great things there and ended up with curiousity and beauty of photography.. and since then i never stop learning and capturing, its been my source of happiness and my way to express myself and thing that ive seen to the world or to other people

Im a loyal banker on weekdays, i only do photoshoots on Weekends or my free time.


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Canon 5D Mark II 


-  135mm f.2

-  17-40mm f.4

-  50mm f1.8


Canon 430EXII

Using Format