RIVER. Model: Dhe

Theres something magical and beautiful of photoshoot on the water, ive been wanting to do photoshoot on river for so long :) so one day Me, Ing and Dhe decided to try it!

I asked my cousin if he can find me a good river location for photoshoot, so he took me to this small river on his village on one hot Sunday, it was a lovely place, the water was green and there were rocks and sands, it was a perfect location :) we also play around a bit with smokebombs, since smokebombs always looking so good on photos, special thanks to my hubby and my cousin who willing to work their ass to help me on this photoshoot <3

This series also surprising me with so many favs i got on like almost on all social medias i uploaded, so yaaay for the team and me :D

Model: Dhe
Wardorbe by me, MUAH by her
shoot with canon 5DMarkII + 135mm f.2

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